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Fostering Pan African Digital and Innovation Industry 4.0 conferences, webinars, collaborations and digital inclusion in the industry, Govt, public and socio ecosystems

  • Socio Innovation and digital inclusion, Industry 4.0, Public and Governmental digital awareness and services, Digital Leadership, Innovation

Industry 4.0 is vital for African companies and organizations wishing to embrace the benefits of Digital transformation. Digital technologies are transforming our economies and societies at unprecedented speed & scale, and have been recognized as the critical enabler for the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

But what does that mean exactly for Africa?

To answer that question, the AFRICAN DIGITAL LEADERSHIP INNOVATION NETWORK  in partnership with stakeholders in Africa, USA, and Europe, launched between June to December 2021, a “2nd Sectoral Webinar Series” of its Tech Talks to proffer insightful and Inside-Out discussion on Industry 4.0 exponential roadmap for Africa.

7 sectoral webinar series were held with some exciting moments that address the African sectoral exponential journey for the Industry, Startups, Socio-Organizations, Public, and Govt.

Our esteemed speakers enlightened the audience on current challenges and proffered proactive actionable strategies and innovation prospects towards the African exponential roadmap going forward per sector and in the public space. The speakers shared current practical experiences, provide inside-out digital journeys and future expectations.

To build a bright and digitized African future, all stakeholders need to cultivate a passion for an exponential mindset.

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Fostering Strategic Investments
Digital innovation in Industry, Socio, Govt, and public sectors
International Collaboration with Africa
Pan-African Digital Leadership Magazine
Digital Leadership and Innovation





Govt & Public Innovation

Optimization of governmental services enabling smart public services

Socio Innovation

Inclusive digital innovation for social development

Digital leadership

Strategic sectoral digital applications and Innovation

Membership ecosystem

Pan-African Hyper-Cluster-Users' Centred platform that virtually connects Industry, start-ups’, innovation hubs, tech labs, policy-makers, academia, government, investors, and the global business community for direct engagements

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ADL INNET WEBINAR Series 2021 - Smart Manufacturing Prospects AFRICA

Industry 4.0 is Key for African companies and organizations wishing to embrace the benefits of Digital transformation.

 Industry 4.0 uses digital technologies to make manufacturing more agile, flexible and responsive to customers. It is able to create a smart factory where the Internet, wireless sensors, software and other advanced technologies work together to optimize the manufacturing system and improve customer satisfaction.

But what does that mean exactly for Africa? In order to answer that question, the AFRICAN DIGITAL LEADERSHIP INNOVATION NETWORK (ADL-INNET) in partnership with stakeholders in Africa, the USA, and Europe, launched From June to December 2021, a 2nd Series of webinars that ensures successful inside-Out discussions and roadmap for Africa. It addresses the digital transformation journey, for Socio organizations, the Public, Industry, and Startups from the customer experience all the way to supply-chain management. It assesses current challenges towards innovation prospects and proffered exponential roadmaps going forward per sector. Speakers and audience shared current practical experiences, provided inside-out digital journeys and future expectations.

About Me

African Digital Leadership and Innovation Network

ADL-INNET is a Pan-African “One-Stop-Digital-ARENA” fostering digital Leadership, Open Innovation, Eco-Innovation, Living Labs, Exponential organization, and Investment strategies for the sustainability of key economic sectors, and seamless collaboration within the African innovation ecosystem and the world; for unlocking positive impact on the continent’s socio-economic landscape; empowering future unicorns, green economy, and the sustainability of the African digital economy.

We are boosting long-term sustainability, fostering inter-regional and structured collaborative networking, crucial for the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA) mission, and maximizing values via tech collaborations between Africa’s digital champions, businesses, investors, research institutions, policymakers and engaging with the business world.

We optimize the sectorial value-chains to shape an African solution, track progress, forecast, and empower co-investments; a catalyst for socio-economic development, industry 4.0 enabling automation, robotics, factories of the future initiatives and services exports to drive economies of scale.


To create an all-inclusive Pan-African Hi-Tech clusters' ecosystem (and Think-Tank) of trustful members, and foster exponential disruptive innovation in key economic sectors by initiating prosperous collaborations among pan African tech clusters' and key stakeholders of African development processes including government, NGOs, private sectors, investors', entrepreneurs' (especially women inclusion), global tech hubs (for tech exchanges), entrepreneurship academy & innovation hubs.


Ensuring Africa become a thriving knowledge-based digital & green economy, tech-driven marketplace, and a vibrant hotspot for digital champions. Fostering investments and facilitating trade by reinforcing its growth trajectory through digital transformation initiatives; guaranteeing its place among Leagues of a global economic powerhouse.

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Moussa Mbaye